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The spread is a handicap calculated by odds makers in an attempt to determine the winning margin of a competition. When betting on the spread, a bettor is betting on the difference in score between the two teams. A half-point is often used in the spread to avoid ties in bets placed. The favored team is indicated by a negative number. For example, a -3.5 spread indicates that a team is favored by 3.5 points. At the end of the competition, add or subtract the spread from the final team’s score to determine the bet that wins.

Money Line (ML)

A money line bet requires a bettor to determine which team will win the match. Money line bets have odds associated with each selection depending on which team is the favorite or the underdog. Money line odds are calculated based on a $100 bet. Teams with negative money line odds are considered the favorite. For instance, a favored team with a -150 money line price would require a $150 bet to win $100. Conversely, betting $100 on an underdog team with a +150 money line price would net $150 in winnings.

Over/Under (O/U)

In an over/under bet, odds makers will calculate the expected total points scored by both competitors in a game. Betting on the over/under is a bet in which a bettor must determine if the total score will be greater than or less than this calculated total. There are odds associated with each bet (over and under) that will determine the payout based on a $100 wager, similar to the money line.

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